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3-Minute Thesis Competition

Audience watching a presenter at a 3 Minute Thesis event


The 3MT®, developed at the University of Queensland, challenges participants to present their research—in just three minutes using everyday language—to an audience.

When is the 2022 3-Minute Thesis Competition?

The 2022 3-Minute Thesis Competition was held in Pomerene Hall's TDAI Ideation Zone on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 from 6:00-7:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and engage with the presenters.

Who can participate?

All undergraduates are encouraged to apply; however if there are more applications than spots available, preference will be given to those closer to graduation.

16 students will be presenting their research during the 2022 3MT Competition. See the Program Brochure for the list of student presenters, their research projects and their mentors.


Congratulations to our 2022 3-MT winners!

1. Pete Jordanides - Biomedical Science

"PI3Kγ Inhibitor Potentiates Anti-PD-L1 Immunotherapy against Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma​"

2. Isabelle Aguilar - Biomedical Engineering

"Identifying Keratoconus from Ultrasound Sample Entropy"

3. Tie: Amani Djouadi - Pharmaceutical Sciences

"Delivery of DNA Origami Cancer Vaccine using Alginate Particles"

3: Tie: Natalia Mendonca - Biomedical Engineering

"Decoupling Vasculogenic Cell-Based and Extracellular Vesicle Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease"

Application Information

The 2022 event application closed at 11:59pm on Sunday, October 9, 2022. To see photos of the 2022 3MT competition, visit the UR&CI Flickr.


Past Winners

2021 3-MT Thesis Competition Winners:

"Biomedical Sciences" Category:

  1. Sarah Haysley - Speech and Hearing Sciences
  2. Erin Gililand - Neuroscience and Psychology
  3. Harrshavasan Congivaram - Biomedical Sciences

"Inquiry for the Future" Category:

  1. Cara Noel - Microbiology
  2. Will Marshall - Molecular Genetics and Philosophy 
  3. Kara Komarnitsky - Dance
2019 Spring Semester Winners

Session 1:

  • First Place: Heath Pechtl, Animal Sciences
  • Second Place: Douglas Fink, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Third Place: Sarthak Soni, Marketing
  • Honorable Mention: Bryce Boron, Psychology

Session 2:

  • First Place: Timothy Kirby, Mechanical Engineering
  • Second Place: James White, Atmospheric Sciences
  • Third Place: Cara Dauch, Molecular Genetics
2018 Autumn Semester Winners

Lived Experiences of Human Societies:

  • First Place: Isaiah Johnson
  • Second Place: Sydney Clark
  • Third Place: Emma Megla

Emerging Issues in STEM:

  • First Place: Alexandra Smith
  • Second Place: Stephen Gant
  • Third Place: Hilary Kordecki/Nick Krause

Improving Human Health:

  • First Place: Camile Bratton
  • Second Place: Melanie Smith
  • Third Place: Scott Stuckney
2018 Spring Semester Winners
  • First Place: Anthony Milian
  • Second Place: Maya Gosztyla
  • Third Place: Eleni Packis

Honorable Mentions: Sunny Kwok and Samantha Goode

2017 Autumn Semester Winners
  • First Place: Henry Wu
  • Second Place: Alison Baker
  • Third Place: Matt Schneider
2017 Spring Semester Winners
  • First Place: Nicole Puccetti
  • Second Place: Olivia Fitzpatrick
  • Third Place: Mohit Deshpande