Office of Academic Enrichment Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Presentation Opportunities

Below are presentation opportunities available at Ohio State and non-Ohio State conferences focusing on undergraduate research. Speak with your advisor to discover additional opportunities to present your work!

Have you presented your research before at a conference that is not listed below? Please email with the information of your forum or conference so that we can help spread the word to other students!

UR&CI Presentation Opportunities

Our office offers a variety of different presentation opportunities for students of all majors and programs. To learn more, visit our Events and Awards section.

Ohio State Presentation Opportunities


Non-Ohio State Presentation Opportunities

Many undergraduates present their research at conferences outside of Ohio State. Below is a list of conferences that are hosted throughout the country and the world. The focus of these conferences is undergraduate research and often include a wide variety of disciplines represented. We would also encourage you to speak with your advisor to identify other conferences or meetings you can present at in your specific discipline.