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What is the 3MT® Competition?

The 3MT®, developed at the University of Queensland, challenges participants to  present their research—in just three minutes using everyday language—to  an audience.  Detailed information about 3MT® is available here:  (

The 2019 Spring 3 Minute Thesis Competition will take place during the 2019 Spring Undergraduate Research Festival. More information on the 2019 Spring Undergraduate Research Festival can be found here.

Below are videos of past 3 Minute Thesis Competitiotn Winners!

When will the 3MT® Competition take place?

The 3MT® Competition will take place Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

More information regarding the 2019 Fall 3 Minute Thesis Competition will be released soon!

Congratulations to our 2019 Spring 3MT® Competition Winners!

  • Session 1
    • First Place: Heath Pechtl, Animal Sciences
    • Second Place: Douglas Fink, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Third Place: Sarthak Soni, Marketing
    • Honorable Mention: Bryce Boron, Psychology
  • Session 2
    • First Place: Timothy Kirby, Mechanical Engineering
    • Second Place: James White, Atmospheric Sciences
    • Third Place: Cara Dauch, Molecular Genetics
  • A complete list of winners from all 3 Minute Thesis Competitions can be found here.