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Denman Faculty Advisory Committee

Charge of the Committee: The Denman Faculty Steering Committee oversees the rigor, judging, and overall academic impact of the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. The FAC's yearly responsibilities include reviewing and approving submitted abstracts and serving as back-up judges and tie-breakers on the day of the Forum.  After each Forum, the committee evaluates the Forum and plans any changes for the following year. 

2016-2017 Chair:

Lorraine Wallace, Family Medicine

2016-2017 Committee Members:

Amy Ferketich, Public Health
Carolyn Gunther, Human Sciences
Terry Gustafson, Chemistry
Curt Haugtvedt, Marketing & Logistics
Kurt Koelling, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Chenglong Li, Pharmacy
Kathryn Maguire Jack, Social Work
Jodi McDaniel, Nursing
Amanda Toland, Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics
Linn Van Woerkom, Director, Honors/Scholars, and Physics
Laura Wagner, Psychology
Jan Weisenberger, Speech & Hearing, Office of Research
Melanye White Dixon, Dance, African American & African Studies
Pat Whittington, Assistant Dean, College of Food, Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Denman Staff Advisory Committee

Charge of the Committee: The Denman Staff Advisory Committee was formed in 2014 for the purpose of formally recognizing the staff from all departments in the university who are responsible for the long-term success of the Denman Forum. The Staff Advisory Committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the Denman Forum.

2016-2017 Committee Members:

Kevin Freeman (Honors & Scholars)
Julie Humbel (Honors & Scholars)
Anne Krabacher (Honors & Scholars)
Amanda Perrin (Undergraduate Research Office)
Vicki Pitstick (Second-year Transformational Experience Program)
Elaine Pritchard (Undergraduate Education)
Shea Ryan (Recreational Sports/RPAC)
Angela Taylor (Honors & Scholars)
Shane Wagner (ESUE IT)
Rebecca Ward (Honors & Scholars)