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                         Event Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Congratulations to our 2017 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Winners!

Addressing Complex Questions in Chemical and Biochemical Sciences

  1. Ashley Deyong, Seth Lyon
  2. Nicholas Mitchell, Sydney Sillary
  3. Milauni Mehta, Harsha Rao

Animal Science: From Cattle to Bees to Seabirds and Beyond

  1. Ellen Schwieterman
  2. Stephen Hadick, Shannon Kelley
  3. Rachael Adams

Assessment and Prevention of Diseases, Injuries, Medical Errors, and Surgical Complications

  1. Alex Popken
  2. Joe Twinem
  3. Meredith Maresco

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

  1. Tracy Okine, Lilianna Suarez
  2. Colin Quinn

Building Healthy LIfestyles and Safe Communities

  1. Alayna Rowell
  2. Montgomery Burgoon

Business Solutions in Global Economy

  1. Danielle Kuzma, Sophia Zupnac
  2. Ankit Vohra
  3. Merrina Guitteau

Contextual Mental Functioning and Human Behavior

  1. Havovi Desai, Nicole Puccetti
  2. Emily Allen, Tyler Knaplund
  3. Kate Conroy, Olivia Fitzpatrick

Earth and Planets

  1. Nicholas, Crescimanno, Laurence King
  2. Kaeli Hughes
  3. Scott Hull, Alec Moore

Ecological and Environmental Sciences: From Farming to Fisheries and Beyond

  1. Benjamin Eggers
  2. Melissa Bittner
  3. Ashlee Balcerzak

Emerging Issues in Healthcare Policy, Administration and Workforce

  1. Alexandria Martz
  2. Rachel Gates, Miranda Schulte

Engineering- Chemical & Environment

  1. Lagnajit Pattanaik
  2. Blaise Kimmel
  3. Monica Chan, Sushmitha Ravikumar

Engineering- Computing & Analytics

  1. Nicholas Meyer

Engineering- Health & Medicine

  1. Matthew Becker, Taylor Yeater
  2. Bernard Cook
  3. Brianna Marselle, Jessica Smith

Engineering- Mechanics & Materials

  1. Brett Worrell
  2. Collin Mikol
  3. Ryan Wilber

Engineering- Process & Systems

  1. Charles Fryer

Family Dynamics within Complex Community and Educational Settings

  1. Ellen Williams

Foods for Health: From the Bench to the Table

  1. Allison Porter
  2. John Bouranis
  3. Craig Berning

Genes, Proteins and Cells

  1. Karan Naik
  2. Robert Smith, Manuel Torres
  3. Emma Hassell

Histories of Literatures, Religions and Cultures

  1. Jordan Henry
  2. Jessica LaHote

Human Origin, Society, and Culture

  1. Catherine Mendel

Improving Health-Related Outcomes through Testing, Monitoring, and Evaluations

  1. Rachel Weber
  2. Nicole Behm
  3. Anna Javins, Sundus Mohammad

Innovation in Infection, Immunology, and Beyond

  1. Annie Zhang
  2. John Rowe, Ashlee Weaver
  3. Alaina Monsey, Kiersten Woodyard

Linguistics and Emerging Cultural Issues

  1. Zaina Ujayli

Meaning and Motion in the Arts

  1. Kylee Smith

Media and Online Spaces

  1. Tyler MacDonald

Micro and Macro Views of Biology

  1. John Wildenthal
  2. Coleen Thompson, Emiko Waight
  3. Alexandria Carter

Numbers and Graphs

  1. Elina Misicka

Rights, Resources and Political Action

  1. Farhad Choksy
  2. Kaitlyn Funk

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