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Images of Research + Arts Competition

The Images of Research + Arts Competition is an interdisciplinary exhibit competition to showcase the breadth and diversity of research and artistic endeavors undertaken by Ohio State undergraduates. 

We invite Ohio State undergraduates to capture, describe, and share the crux of their research or artistic endeavors using one still image. 

Who can participate?

All Ohio State undergraduate students enrolled at any campus are eligible to participate.

Submission Guidelines

Each undergraduate researcher:

  • is limited to one submission.
  • attests that his/her image is his/her original work (creator of the image).
  • agrees that if his/her image is selected for display at UR&CI events, his/her name and submission may be used for promotional and publicity purposes.

Submission Process

The following information is required:

  • A title with a maximum of 250 characters. The best titles are short and simply stated.
  • A 100-200 word narrative that clearly articulates the connection between the image and your research or creative endeavor. The narrative should be written in plain language (e.g., free of discipline-specific jargon) and understandable to those outside of the student's field.
  • Images must be 300dpi at an approximate minimum size of 2000-3000 pixels. Images must be saved in JPEG format. Images must also be in landscape format. Please provide the best quality image possible.

Application Information

Submissions will be accepted between January 10 - February 13, 2022 via the application.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process includes two distinct phases:

Phase One Evaluation:

A multidisciplinary panel of Ohio State faculty, staff, students and alumni will evaluate all submissions on the following criteria:

  • connections between title, image, written narrative and research
  • originality of the images and the research or creative endeavor it represents
  • overall visual impact of the image

Phase Two Evaluation:

Phase One finalist submissions will be displayed as a part of the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. Visitors and participants of the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum will be encouraged to fill out a survey to vote for the top image. Votes will be tallied and announced following the event.


Past Winners

2019 Spring

1st Place

She is Beauty, She is Grace by Julia Mattis

"She is Beauty, She is Grace" by Julia Mattis

View large version of "She is Beauty, She is Grace"

2nd Place

A Portrait of Medicine: Waking up with ADHD by Emilia Bowers

"A Portrait of Medicine: Waking up with ADHD" by Emilia Bowers

View large version of "A Portrait of Medicine: Waking up with ADHD"

3rd Place

Erbschuld by Laura DeAngelis

"Erbschuld" by Laura DeAngelis

View large version of "Erbschuld"

Honorable Mention

#nofilter by Danielle Wolf

"#nofilter" by Danielle Wolf

View large version of "#nofilter"