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Browse information and advice from the OURCI on some common tasks for current undergraduate researchers at Ohio State. Below you will find a list of other campus offices or departments that offer services that are useful to undergraduate researchers.

  • Career Connection
    Career Connection at Ohio State can help undergraduate researchers explore graduate and professional schools and create resumes and personal statements.

  • CUR Registry of Undergraduate Researchers
    The Council on Undergraduate Research hosts a registry to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates who have research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree, with graduate schools seeking high quality students who are well prepared for research. 

  • EHE Research Methodology Center
    This center offers consulting and training to advance research methodology and strengthen skills.

  • Ethics CORE
    Ethics CORE is a digital library funded by The National Science Foundation on ethical research practices and how students can respond to ethical problems that arise in research and professional life. Learn about research ethics and practice modules and tutorials.

  • Office of International Affairs
    The office provides support for international travel and research activities as well as study abroad ventures for students.

  • Office of Responsible Research Practices
    The ORRP holds walk-in hours to help undergraduate student researchers preparing Behavioral and Social Sciences Institutional Review Board submissions and exemption requests for research involving human subjects. These sessions are intended to help students and their advisors navigate IRB forms, policies, and review procedures. 

  • STEP (Second-year Transformational Experience Program)
    Designed to enhance student success, STEP offers students the opportunity to form strong faculty connections, receive guided exploration of educational opportunities, and experience concentrated personal and professional development programs.

  • Statistical Consulting Service
    The SCS provides professional data analytic and statistical analysis services to researchers at OSU.

  • The Writing Center
    The Writing Center offers free help with writing at any stage of the writing process, from research proposals and grant applications to reports and abstracts.

  • Undergrad in the Lab
    Tips, tricks, and strategies to get the most out of your undergraduate research experience.

  • University Libraries

    • Subject Librarians are experts in their subjects and work with faculty in those disciplines. They can help you find a faculty mentor, get started on a lit review, and answer most questions at all stages of the process.

    • Copyright Resources Center provides education and guidance on copyright law. Questions about using and attributing public and copyrighted resources in research writing and publication can be directed here.

    • Research Commons
      Explore the services and resources that support Ohio state researchers, connect with experts that can assist you with your specific needs and attend events that can help assist you in navigated the research lifecycle.