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Doing research in another country is exciting and certainly possible, yet it requires plenty of advanced planning. While Ohio State sponsors some international research opportunities for undergrads, students who wish to conduct research in a foreign country often need to make arrangements for independent projects. Some ways in which students can conduct international research include:

  • Your OSU faculty research advisor has an international colleague with whom you can work independently.

  • Your OSU faculty research advisor is involved in an international research project and can include you.

  • You already have international contacts through family or from a previous international experience, and you also have an advisor at Ohio State willing to supervise you on a project of your choice.

  • You know you will be studying abroad and can define a research project ahead of time so that you can successfully gather data while you’re away or participate in a study abroad program that includes research as part of the curriculum. Learn more about Ohio State-sponsored study abroad trips at OIA’s website.

  • You apply and are accepted to join a formal international research program. Learn more below.

Most students who successfully combine research and travel have research experience at OSU and are familiar and comfortable with their faculty advisor before leaving the United States. The majority of these students already have projects underway before they head to foreign territory.

Be aware of these important OSU policies:

1. Students conducting research abroad are required to maintain their primary insurance coverage and are also required to enroll for Ohio State's supplemental travel insurance, provided through HTH Worldwide Services. This supplemental insurance is required for all Ohio State students studying abroad, and includes a policy covering accident and sickness and for emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation. Visit the OIA page on insurance to learn more and enroll for supplemental insurance.

2.  In countries under a current Department of State Travel Warning or other locations designated high risk, undergraduate students cannot use funding or scholarship awards to travel for research purposes outside of venues approved by Ohio State. Countries currently on Department of State Travel Warning can be viewed at:  For further information on the policy, please contact Dru Simmons, international risk manager, (, Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

3. If your research involves human subjects, you will need approval from Ohio State’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) before beginning in-country research activities. 

International research programs

Study abroad programs with a research emphasis

  • EuroScholars Program
    Deadline: October 1, 2016 for Spring 2017 and April 1, 2017 for Autumn 2017
    A unique research program for undergrads from the US and Canada looking for an international research experience. Students can participate in a research project at one of 9 internationally renowned European Research Universities in almost any discipline.
  • OSU's Impact of HIV: Tanzania
    Deadline: January 4, 2017
    An interdisciplinary course for OSU students to explore the real world impact of - and response to - HIV/AIDS. Students will take part in immersive learning and research activities during Summer 2017. 
  • OSU's Social Sciences School in Warsaw
    Deadline: February 1, 2017
    This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in Social Sciences, who are interested in studying post-communist European countries in comparative perspectives at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Students will also visit the United Nations Development Program and the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. 
  • Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID)
    MSID places students in direct contact with the social and economic realities of communities and activists. Through classes, field trips, internships, and research, MSID strives to establish a continual dialogue linking experience with theory and critical analysis. Available programs to Kenya, Ecuador, and Senegal.
  • The School for Field Studies
    Deadline: varies
    Programs around the world providing students hands on training and exposure to field research methods in different disciplines.