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Identify Potential Faculty Mentors

  • Build a list of faculty members who are involved in research that sounds interesting to you.
    • Once again, visit the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum's website and the Fall Undergraduate Research Forum website. Browse the "accepted abstracts" for projects that sound interesting to you. If you find one, write the name of the faculty advisor that is listed on the project.
    • Visiting department websites will also be extremely helpful! Department websites should have a "people" tab or a "directory" tab that will link you up to a list of people that work within that individual department. Learn more about each individual by clicking on their names and reading the information that they have provided. Tip: be sure that you are browsing the list of faculty members. Sometimes you are able to filter out staff members, or graduate students from the list to make it a bit easier on yourself.
  • Talk to faculty members, academic advisors, even other students to learn more about the faculty members that are a part of your department and what type of research that they may be conducting.

Take your time learning about the faculty members who are across campus. While visiting department websites, or the Denman website, take notes on the faculty members who you plan to connect with. This will help you in Step 3. Also, if you are struggling with finding information about faculty members on a department's website, try using the search bar on to find more information on a particular faculty member. Somtimes, faculty members have dual appointments with departments and may have additional information on their other department website.