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The Denman Research Mentor Award is an opportunity to recognize the leadership and support research mentors provide to undergraduate students presenting in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

Research mentors (ie. faculty, post-docs, graduate students, community partners, etc.) are nominated by undergraduate students who feel their mentor has demonstrated outstanding mentoring throughout their undergraduate research journey. The nominations are reviewed and winners are selected by the OUR&CI's Awards and Recognition Committee. 

Submission Requirements

  • The student must be accepted into the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
  • The student must submit a 500 word essary describing how their mentor has:
    • supported and inspirsed them to grow intellectually as a researcher
    • encouraged and enabled them to reach their future goals
    • supported and encouraged them personally
  • Essays should be uploaded in a .pdf format with the title "Mentor's first initial and last name_student's first initial and last name." For example, if you work with Dr. John Smith and your name is Carol Brown, the nomination would be submitted with the title "JSmith_CBrown.pdf."

Submit Your Nomination

The nomination form for the 2018 Denman Research Mentor Award will open soon.

Below are the 2017 Denman Research Mentor Award winners. The past Denman Research Mentor Award winners can be found here.

2017 Denman Research Mentor Awards

  • Sharon Amacher (Molecular Genetics)
  • Karen Dannemiller (Engineering/Public Health)
  • Allison Ellawadi (Speech and Hearing Science)
  • Jesse Kwiek (Microbiology)
  • Amanda Robinson (Political Science)
  • Sakima Smith (Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine)
  • Sarah Varekojis (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)