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Research programs are excellent opportunities for new and experienced undergraduate researchers to explore summer research opportunities at Ohio State but also at institutions nationwide. Research programs are structured opportunities which do not require students to have a project or research advisor already. Students are matched up with or asked to choose a project and research advisor. As many of these programs are in the summer, they are ideal for students who may not be able to conduct research during the academic year or are interested in a short-term research experience.There are many research programs available at universities and institutions nationwide, and these may be sponsored by federal funding agencies such as the NSF, NIH, or a national laboratory. Ohio State has a small number of these programs available. The majority of these programs occur during summer term and offer students funding or a stipend for summer (and some may include housing).

Applications for research programs are competitive and generally require a personal statement, essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts.

Go here to find research programs at OSU and elsewhere across the country. Some international programs are available, information about those is included on the International Research page.