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At some point, you’ll likely talk about your work in front of an audience. First – and most important – practice! Give your presentation to friends who know little or nothing about your field. Also give your talk to someone who is knowledgeable about your area of research. Get feedback from both audiences. Time yourself. If you’re presenting a poster at a forum, keep your talk general and relatively short (about five minutes.) Figure out the main points that you want to convey. People who want further information will ask for it.

Assess and engage your audience:

  • Are they experts in your field? Or do they know very little about the topic?

    • Target the information you give to their interests

  • Explain key points concisely

  • Let the audience guide the interaction

  • Let the audience move on when they want to

Tips for the big day:

  • Wear your name tag on the left

  • Have business cards or some way to distribute your contact information

  • Eat before you present – lightheadedness sneaks up fast!

  • Keep a bottle of water handy

  • Dress in business casual attire and wear comfortable shoes (you’ll be standing a lot)

  • Breathe, relax, and enjoy sharing your hard work with others

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