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When will the 2019 Autumn Festival be held?

The Festival will be held on Monday, November 18, 2019.

Where will the 2019 Autumn Festival be held?

The Festival will be held at the Ohio Union ( 

What events are taking place at the 2019 Autumn Festival?

Poster Presentations:  Students will create and print a poster about their project.  Posters will be displayed on a large easel.

Oral Presentations  Students will create a slide presentation about their project.  Oral presentations will be 10-minutes in length (7-minute student presentation and 3-minute question and answer period). 

How do students apply to the 2019 Autumn Festival?

The application window for the 2019 Autumn Festival is August 21-October 7, 2019

The link can be found here:
Please note that the link will be on the website, but only active during the dates listed above. 


Section I:  Lead Student Presenter's Background and Contact Information

Section II: Presentation Format and Session Preferences  

Section III:  Research Mentor's Contact Information

Section IV:  Funding Support

Section V:  Title, Abstract, and Keywords

Section VI: Research Project Co-authors

Section VII:  Lead Student Presenter's Electronic Signature


Research/Creative Project Abstract

All abstracts should be ≤350 words. Please include the following sections: Introduction/Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.