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Congratulations to the 2018 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Awardees!

Analytical and Physical Chemistry

1. Alexander Grooms

Animal Sciences

1. Michael Loveless

2. Dillon McBride

Basic Neuroscience

1. Carolina Ortiz

2. Julia Kumar

3. Julia Dziabis, Ronald Turner

Beyond Earth

1. Sameed Pervaiz

Biomechanics and Rehabilitation

1. Michael Collins

2. Sogand Abbasi

3. Carl Higbea, Mary McGrath

Business Solutions in Global Economy

1. Landon Palma

2. Anthony Rangel

3. Evan Lingrel

Cell Biology and Physiology

1. Sunny Kwok, Emily Teets

2. Tony Satroplus

3. Pierce Ciccone, Johan Harris

Clinical Education and Assessment

1. Olivia Qi Hui Wong

2. Lindsey Welch

Cognitive and Brain Sciences

1. Catherine Panchyshyn, Amber Moore

2. Kathelyn Smithberger

Culture and Storytelling

1. Jamie Wise

2. Ellen Williams

3. Gretchen Klingler

Drugs and Surgical Interventions to Improve Clinical Outcomes

1. Eaman Abay

2. John Mickley

Education and Schools

1. Sarah Souders

2. Sarah Leonard, Andrea Morales

Engineering: Chemical and Environmental

1. Ivan Pires

2. Lucas Watson

3. Emma Garber

Engineering: Health and Medicine

1. Mukul Govande

2. Rachel Teater

3. Sophie Carus, Jacob Enders

Engineering: Materials

1. Michael Lee

2. Taylor Dittrich

Engineering: Mechanical and Aerospace

1. Ian Chamberlin

2. Jungfeng Li

3. Peter Vuyk

Environment and Conservation Monitoring

1. Amy Luo

2.. Victoria Colin

3. Aaron D'Amore

Environmental Responses of Plants and Crops

1. Prativa Amom

Food Science, Safety and Security

1. Stacy Lu, Haley Orwig

History of People and Art

1. Harrison Filmore

2. Devon Reich

3. Julianne Stamer

Language in the Mind

1. Karl Velik

2. Ted Oyler

Math, Computation, and Analytics

1. Jackson Killian

2. Meghan Booker

Microbiology and Microbial Infections

1. John Wildenthal

2. Dale Lingo

Molecular Biophysics and Chemical Biology

1. Seth Lyon

2. Farida Eid

3. John Bouranis, Madison Smith

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

1. Alicia Bao

2. Amelia Staats

3. Leah Anderson

Promoting Wellness and Social Justice within Communities

1. Caroline Buck

2. Morgan Ciehanski, Brooke Epstein, Danielle Kfoury

Science for the Public Good

1. Mikafui Dzotsi

2. Chrisitian Moore, Jenny Hoppert, Amanda Knight, Kevin Maaz, Nick Armstrong

Social Psychology

1. Rachel Dawson, Kathleen Hudson

3. Charles Cayton

Solving Complex Population Health Issues

1. Leah Sadinski

2. Kassidy Ams

Synthetic Chemistry, Catalysts and Materials

1. Dennis Yang

2. Milauni Mehta

3. Sydney Sillart

Toward Precision Cancer Medicine

1. David Lopez

2. Parviz Kanga, Maria Riley, Blaire Schumacher, Zachary Kauffman,

3. Jesse Fine

Understanding Cancer Risk and Survivorship

1. Marcia Burns

2. Katherine Conroy

Water and Earth

1. Sarah Solomon

2. Alexandra Smith

3. Allyson Brady, Nicole Episcopo

Pelotonia Fellowship Awards

1. Zachary Brannan

2. Neil Makhijani and Abigail Robbertz

Sustainability Competition Winners

Climate Change: Emma Garber

Ecosystem Services: Audrey Bezilla

Sustainable Behavior: Rachel Beery

Water: Ashlee Balcerzak



Past Denman Winners

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