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When was the 25th Denman Research Forum?

The 25th Annual Denman Forum will took place on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

The event program can be found here. 

Where was the 25th Denman Research Forum held?

The 25th Annual Denman Forum was held in Pomerene Hall, room 300, of the Translational Data Analytics Institute. 

Who were the 25th Denman Winners?

Here are the winners of the 25th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, by category: 

Animal and Environmental Sciences

  1st: Anna Starkey

  2nd: Emily Akkari

  2nd: Cassidy Spencer

  3rd: Derek Huck

  3rd: Annalee Sekulic

Biomedical Sciences

  1st: Julia Kumar

  2nd: Matthew Orchard

  3rd: Surina Patel

Business and Society

  1st: Adam Sichel

  2nd: Thomas Brady

  2nd: Audrey Shreve

  3rd: Collin Craig

Education and Language

  1st: Megan Wadas

  2nd: Sandy Lee

  3rd: Ellie Anderson


Genetics and Cancer Biology

  1st: Ethan Shwenderman

  2nd: Jack Kucinski

  3rd: Walla Disbennet

Health Promotion: 

  1st: Eaman Abay

  1st: Dustin Nelson

  2nd: Lauren Harris

  3rd: Kennedy Hoying

Human Experiences:

  1st: Kate Greer

  2nd: Cella Masso-Rivetti

  3rd: Elena Akers

  3rd: Jacob Ferrell

Innovations in Healthcare: 

  1st: Danah Muhanna

  2nd: Gina Gugliotta

  3rd: Rachel Kirchner

  3rd: Dennison Min

Physical Sciences and Engineering:

  1st: David Liu

  2nd: Xiaolin Wang

  3rd: Benjamin Luce

Psychology and Neuorscience: 

  1st: Samantha Wick

  2nd: Clara Harrod

  3rd: Trey Baird