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When is the 26th Denman Research Forum?

The 26th Annual Denman Forum will take place the week of April 5-8, 2021


Where will the 26th Denman Research Forum held?

The 26th Annual Denman Forum will be held virtually for 2021. We have made a seperate website for the event, which you can find here:

Links to register for each session can be found, as well as our Images of Research and Arts Competetion!

How can I apply for the 26th Denman Research Forum?

The application will be open from February 1-March 5, 2021. 

Who were the 25th Denman Winners?

Here are the winners of the 25th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, by category: 

Animal and Environmental Sciences

  1st: Anna Starkey

  2nd: Emily Akkari

  2nd: Cassidy Spencer

  3rd: Derek Huck

  3rd: Annalee Sekulic

Biomedical Sciences

  1st: Julia Kumar

  2nd: Matthew Orchard

  3rd: Surina Patel

Business and Society

  1st: Adam Sichel

  2nd: Thomas Brady

  2nd: Audrey Shreve

  3rd: Collin Craig

Education and Language

  1st: Megan Wadas

  2nd: Sandy Lee

  3rd: Ellie Anderson


Genetics and Cancer Biology

  1st: Ethan Shwenderman

  2nd: Jack Kucinski

  3rd: Walla Disbennet

Health Promotion: 

  1st: Eaman Abay

  1st: Dustin Nelson

  2nd: Lauren Harris

  3rd: Kennedy Hoying

Human Experiences:

  1st: Kate Greer

  2nd: Cella Masso-Rivetti

  3rd: Elena Akers

  3rd: Jacob Ferrell

Innovations in Healthcare: 

  1st: Danah Muhanna

  2nd: Gina Gugliotta

  3rd: Rachel Kirchner

  3rd: Dennison Min

Physical Sciences and Engineering:

  1st: David Liu

  2nd: Xiaolin Wang

  3rd: Benjamin Luce

Psychology and Neuorscience: 

  1st: Samantha Wick

  2nd: Clara Harrod

  3rd: Trey Baird