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What is the 3MT® Competition?

The 3MT®, developed at the University of Queensland, challenges participants to  present their research—in just three minutes using everyday language—to  an audience.  Detailed information about 3MT® is available here:  (

The 2019 Spring 3 Minute Thesis Competition will take place during the 2019 Spring Undergraduate Research Festival. More information on the 2019 Spring Undergraduate Research Festival can be found here.

Below are videos of past 3 Minute Thesis Competitiotn Winners!


Who is eligible to participate in the 3MT® Competition?

We welcome students from any academic discipline to submit an application. Students must meet all of the criteria listed below.

  • Any Ohio State undergraduate student who will be graduating in Spring 2019, Summer 2019 or Autumn 2019, 
  • Any Ohio State undergraduate who did not compete in the Autumn 2018 3MT® Competition (held on November 1, 2018 as a part of the 2018 Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival) 
  • Any Ohio State undergraduate who did not present in the 2019 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
  • Any Ohio State undergraduate who has a completed research project (i.e., you have collected and analyzed data and can discuss your study's results and findings)

When will the 3MT® Competition take place?

The 3MT® Competition is being held in the Ohio Union's Senate Chamber Room during the 2019 Spring Undergraduate Research Festival. The date of the Festival is Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Four sessions will be held throughout the day. While applying, students will have the opportunity to select the session that works best with their schedule. We encourage students to select a time in which they are able to commit for the entirety of the session. Session times will be released soon.

How can I apply to present in the 3MT® Competition?

The deadline to apply to the 3 Minute Thesis Competition has passed.

Congratulations to our 2018 Autumn 3MT® Competition Winners!

  • Lived Experiences of Human Societies

    • First Place: Isaiah Johnson

    • Second Place: Sydney Clark

    • Third Place: Emma Megla

  • Emerging Issues in STEM

    • First Place: Alexandra Smith

    • Second Place: Stephen Gant

    • Third Place: Hilary Kordecki/Nick Krause

  • Improving Human Health

    • First Place: Camile Bratton

    • Second Place: Melanie Smith

    • Third Place: Scott Stuckney

    A complete list of winners from all 3 Minute Thesis Competitions can be found here.