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The Karen A. Holbrook Fund was established by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University (OSU), with gifts from Dr. Karen Holbrook, as well as gifts from colleagues, friends and family in honor of Dr. Holbrook's distinguished career as the 13th OSU President.  The purpose of the Karen A. Holbrook Fund Award program is to provide financial support to OSU undergraduates seeking to conduct research or creative projects in an international setting during summer 2020.

The 2021 Award has been cancelled, and will be offered again in 2022.


At the time of application, the OSU undergraduate must:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student.
  • be in good academic standing.
  • have an OSU faculty advisor who has agreed to be responsible for overseeing the research or creative project in its entirety.
  • provide documentation that he/she has in-country support and supervision where the research or creative project is to be carried out.

Funding Stipulations:

Details regarding The Ohio State University's Travel to Risk Designated Countries is available here:  coming soon

Ohio State Risk Designated Tiers are as follows: 

  • Tier 5 - Extreme Risk
  • Tier 4 - High Risk
  • Tier 3 - Moderate Risk
  • Tier 2 - Specific Risk
  • Tier 1 - Universal Risk

The Karen A. Holbrook Fund will NOT support travel:

  • to countries designated as either Tier 4 (High Risk) or Tier 5 (Extreme Risk).  
  • as part of an education abroad program.

Application Instructions (3 Parts):

Part 1: Student Application Components and Submission Process

The first part of the Student Application will be used as gathering basic information. Those who are confirmed after this application will be given a second application via email. 

Part 1 of the application can be found here: coming soon

The following images are from the application so that student's can prepare appropriate materials. 


Part 2: Student Application (Post-Screening Invitation)

Students who meet the criteria from the first application will be invited to fill out a secondary information with a link provided via email. That application will include the following, with more depth project information. 

1. Personal Statement (maximum of 1 single-spaced page)- Write a personal statement that tells the story of who you are, where you hope to go and how you envision The Karen A. Holbrook Award impacting your future.

2. Project Description and Overview of Student Project Responsibilities (maximum of 3 single-spaced pages)- The project description should include the following sections: Introduction/Background (including a project purpose statement), Methodology, Expected Outcomes, and Dissemination Plan.  Please also clearly describe your role(s) and responsibility(ies) on the research or creative project.

3. Description of Current, Previous, and Pending Research or Creative Project Funding Support (if applicable)

4. Description of in-Country Support and Supervision- Clearly describe your in-country support and supervision.  If available, please provide an in-country letter of support with your application. 

5. Project Timeline

6. Project Budget

7. IRB Application Status (if applicable)

8. OSU Advising Report

Applications must be compiled into a single PDF document and saved as follows:  Last Name_First Name_Holbrook2020.  For example, John Smith's application would be saved as: "Smith_John_Holbrook2020.pdf"  

Part 3:Faculty Advisor Letter of Support Submission Process

This part will be sent out at the same time a student is sent Part 2 of the application. 

A letter of support must be provided by the student's OSU faculty research advisor.  Letters of support must be submitted as a PDF document and saved as follows: Student-LastName_Faculty-LastName.pdf.  For example, Mary Jones (faculty) writing a letter of support on behalf of John Smith (student) would be saved as: Smith_Jones.pdf. 

Award Amount:

Maximum total request is $8000.00.

1. Students will receive a maximum of $5000 for travel-related costs.  

Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry (OUR&CI) staff will create an OSU travel request ( on the student's behalf.  OUR&CI staff will purchase round-trip international airline tickets and travel health insurance, at least six weeks prior to travel, via OSU's Travel System.  Upon receipt of official documentation (e.g., itemized receipts), students will be reimbursed for the following: 

  • visas
  • accommodations
  • vaccinations
  • research-related trainings
  • in-country transportation (e.g., taxis, shuttles)

It is the student's responsibility to provide all requested paperwork (e.g. receipts, proof of insurance, etc.) to the OUR&CI in a timely manner. If a student fails to provide documentation within a week of receiving a request from the OUR&CI, the student will not be reimbursed.

2.  Students will receive a $3000 research stipend. 

The research stipend will be credited to the student's OSU statement of account, at the beginning of Summer Term, 2019.  By federal law, a student cannot be awarded aid exceeding the estimated cost of attendance as established by Student Financial Aid. Therefore, if a student is receiving a complete financial aid package, the research scholarship will substitute for some portion of that aid with no net increase of funds to the student.  An exception to this rule is allowable only for legitimate out-of-pocket expenses related to the student's research. If the student has such expenses associated with the project and is already receiving aid up to the cost of attendance limit, he/she may submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal to request that Student Financial Aid consider increasing his/her cost of attendance.

Funding Conditions

If selected for funding, the student agrees to:

  • only accept The Karen A. Holbrook Fund Award to support his/her research or creative project.  The intent of The Karen A. Holbrook Fund Award is to support an undergraduate's research or creative project in its entirety.  

  • write and submit a summary report to the OUR&CI by mid-September, 2021 (exact date TBD).

  • present results of his/her research or creative project at an OUR&CI-sponsored event during Autumn Semester 2021 or Spring Semester 2022 (exact dates TBD).