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Recruiting Undergraduate Researchers 

The OSAS-UR&CI assists faculty and the campus community with finding undergraduate research assistants by posting available positions on our website. These positions can be found here

If you are interested in posting a undergraduate research position, please complete the form found here. Please allow 2-3 days for the position to be posted.

Mentoring and Tenure and Promotion

Faculty who supervise undergraduate researchers may get credit for this work in tenure, promotion, merit-based salary decisions, and in teaching assignments. Experience with mentoring undergraduate researchers should be listed on your CV. It is best to consult with your Chair or Director and the Promotion and Tenure Committee in your unit about expectations for faculty at your career stage.

Advice from Current Mentors

Dr. Christopher Coss, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Peter Mansoor, Military History

Dr. Tasleem Padamsee, Health Policy and Management

Expectations for Undergraduate Researchers

Expectations for undergraduate researchers vary from faculty to faculty. It is important to set these expectations early with undergraduate students and continue to meet with your students on a regular basis to ensure that expectations from all parties are being met. The OSAS-UR&CI has a contract available for you and your mentees to use. This contract can assist you in discussing expectations and building a productive and satisfying working relationship from day one.

Funding for Undergraduate Researchers

There are many scholarships, fellowships, and small grants (listed on our funding webpage) which students can apply for to support their independent research projects. Generally, these types of monetary support are given directly to the student and not to the faculty advisor

Undergraduate Research Theses

The OSAS-UR&CI encourages undergraduate student researchers to contact their academic advising office for information on the specific requirements for graduating with distinction in their major.

Supplement Grant Applications

The OSAS-UR&CI can support faculty grant applications with a letter of collaboration. We can strengthen your application by outlining the commitment and resources that Ohio State dedicates to its undergraduate researchers, as well as confirm that our office can help to recruit undergraduate researchers for your project. To request a letter, email

Sharing Student Accomplishments

If you would like to share and publicize your student's accomplishments, please email