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The University Libraries' Undergraduate Research Library Fellowship provides undergraduates the opportunity to see how scholarship is communicated and disseminated through work in libraries that is often invisible to the casual user.  It will position students with an interest in academic research to experience more deeply the type of partnerships many researchers have with libraries around projects that enhance the work of their discipline. Experience might be with scholarly communication, metadata, primary resources and artifacts (as found in our Archives or Special Collections), development of open education resources, knowledge discovery tools, bibliography/resource curation of a discipline, digitization, and more. Projects can result in learning objects, digital images, curated exhibits, or performances, depending on the project.


The award is open to undergraduate students from all majors who are returning the following autumn semester and will require that students commit to at least 40 hours per week on the proposed project over a period of 10 weeks during the summer term under the mentorship (supervision) of a faculty librarian.

How to Participate:

Contact and meet with a faculty librarian to develop a project plan. Faculty Librarians available to work on summer projects are listed here with many ideas for potential projects as a starting point. Please contact them directly.

Review Criteria:

The selection committee considers the following when judging submissions:

  1. Student's cover letter, GPA, and proposal
    • Is the writing clear and persuasive?
    • Does the student have a good grasp of the research area and methods?
    • Is the student likely to follow through and complete a worthwhile project?
    • Is the project highly original, independent, or ambitious?
    • Would this experience contribute greatly to the student's future plans?
  2. Faculty librarian 's (advisor for project) letter
    • What is the advisor's opinion of the student's academic potential?
    • Does the advisor have a good plan for supervising the student (this information was requested on the application form)?
    • Is the advisor's letter compelling?
  3. Second letter of recommendation
    • Is the letter well written and supportive?
    • Does the writer know the student well?

How to Apply:

Applications require a completed application packet, personal statement, research proposal, and two recommendations, including one from your project advisor (faculty librarian). All student materials should be submitted online, as well as the letters of recommendations by February 18, 2019 at 5:00pm 

Applications must be compiled into a single PDF document and saved as follows:  Last Name_First Name_URAP2019.  For example, John Smith's application would be saved as: "Smith_John_URAP2019.pdf" 

Students must submit their application via the on-line platform available here:

A letter of support must be provided by the student's OSU faculty/post-doctoral research advisor.  Letters of support must be submitted as a PDF document and saved as follows: Student-LastName_Faculty/Post-Doc-LastName.pdf.  For example, Mary Jones (faculty) writing a letter of support on behalf of John Smith (student) would be saved as: Smith_Jones.pdf.

Faculty/Post-Doctoral advisors must submit their letter of support via the on-line platform available here:

What will I need to do if awarded this fellowship?

A report on the progress of the project is required by end of July 2019.  We also strongly encouraged the students to apply to the 2019 Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival.



For a list of projects, please visit here.


Please contact Craig Gibson (