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Research programs are structured opportunities which do not require students to have a project or research advisor already in place. Students are matched with or asked to choose a project and research advisor. Since many of these programs are in the summer, they are ideal for students who may not be able to conduct research during the academic year or are interested in a short-term research experience.The majority of these programs offer students funding or a stipend.

Applications for research programs are competitive and generally require a personal statement, essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts. The deadline to apply to these programs is typically in January or February so planning ahead is crucial.

Below is a list of research programs here at Ohio State, as well as other databases that may be useful to you and your search. We also encourage you to browse through the list of non-OSU programs that can be found here. This list is extensive, but far from a comprehensive list of all programs that are available nationwide. A simple internet search will yield more programs. We also have a small number of international programs that we are aware of.

Have you participated in a research program before but do not see it on the lists provided? Please email with the information of your program so that we can help spread the word to other students!

Ohio State Undergraduate Research Programs

Databases of external research programs