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Deadline to Present: Wednesday January 31, 2018

Event Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Research Forum and Showcase Committee

Charge of the Committee: The Denman Faculty Steering Committee oversees the rigor, judging, and overall academic impact of the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. The FAC's yearly responsibilities include reviewing and approving submitted abstracts and serving as back-up judges and tie-breakers on the day of the Forum.  After each Forum, the committee evaluates the Forum and plans any changes for the following year. 


  • Chair: Dr. Lorraine Wallace, OUR&CI Director
  • Anne Krabacher, Honors & Scholars (OUR&CI Partner Representative)
  • Angela Taylor, Honors & Scholars (OUR&CI Partner Representative)
  • Corey Efron, English (OUR&CI Partner Representative)
  • Elaine Pritchard, University Libraries (OUR&CI Partner Representative)
  • Jan Weisenberger, Office of Research and Speech & Hearing Science (Faculty)
  • Pat Whittington, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences (Faculty)
  • Amy Ferketich, Public Health (Faculty)
  • Dodie McDow, History (Faculty)
  • Julie Dallas, OSU Alumna
  • Karan Naik, Biomedical Science (Undergraduate student)